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Buying a new comfort system is a major expense, and most homeowners replace their heating and air conditioning systems only every ten to twelve years. It makes sense – and cents! – to choose a professional HVAC company who knows how to design, install, and service the right equipment for you. Using a professional contractor assures you that your home will be comfortable for many years to come.  At Ideal Air Services, we won’t try to sell you a new unit if you don't need one. 

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Ideal Air Services offers a complete line of heating and cooling products and we will be delighted to explain your options, features, benefits, cost of operation, warranties, and price to install. We will take the time to learn your needs and desires so we can design the ideal system for you and your family.

Get Ready for Some Great Savings!

HVAC products today are significantly more energy-efficient. They can be quieter, dehumidify better, and ultimately provide more comfort. Depending on the age and efficiency of your old unit, you could save as much as 60% off of your electricity usage. Wouldn't that be outstanding?

Predict Your Energy Savings


The % savings chart covers efficiency factors from 1990 to current years. If your unit is 10 years old, it will have moved approximately one level of efficiency to the left of the original level of efficiency. 

To predict your energy savings, you will need the following information: your highest summer electricity bill, your lowest winter electricity bill, the efficiency rating of the new machine and corresponding savings percentage (from the bar chart), and the estimated number of years you anticipate staying in the home.

Look at the example and replace the numbers in the estimated energy savings projection chart with your data. Begin by subtracting your low winter electric bill from your high summer bill and you will get your estimated air conditioning operating cost. Now, look at the bar chart and decide what efficiency you would like your new machine to be and then use the corresponding percentage in the chart below (example: a 14 SEER unit has a savings percentage of 43% and a 15 SEER unit has a savings percentage of 47%). Multiply your estimated a/c operating cost by the percentage you chose and you will arrive at your estimated monthly savings. Our Gulf Coast climate has us cooling our homes about 8 months out of the year, so multiply your estimated monthly savings by 8 and you will get your annual savings. The final step is to determine how many years you plan to stay in the home and multiply that by your estimated annual savings and you will arrive at your estimated energy savings. 

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