It's easy to identify those hot and sticky days when your home would be unbearable without air conditioning. There are also key times of the year when humidity levels are high enough to make you feel uncomfortable even at moderate temperatures (i.e, when the air conditioner is not running):

  • Spring and autumn when temperatures aren't warm enough to turn on the AC
  • Nighttime and morning hours when temperatures drop and your AC doesn't run
  • Rainy and cloudy days

Depending on where you live, these conditions could exist up to 40% of the time. Truth is, you would always be more comfortable and your air conditioner will be more effective with the help of a dehumidifier. A whole-home dehumidifier covers every room, every floor, does not use any of your living space, has silent operation, and no drain pans to empty - hassle-free. You will be more comfortable in your home with a dehumidifier at a higher thermostat setting, which will save you money.

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